This is my latest video on the how to series on hookah. I show you here how to prepare FRUIT EXPLOSION SHISHA WITH VODKA, How to Setup and Make A Perfect Hookah with FRUIT & ALCOHOL HD by waelben2000 and Shisha&Co

In this video we explain to you how to prepare and set up a hookah made out of fruit and alcohol. We show you a Shisha (Hookah) mix that will blow you mind once you try it. If you cannot find any of the items we have, you can always improvise and let us know how it went. It will be great to hear from you guys.

Don't get me wrong, preparing this took me almost 4 hours of course with the camera work and so forth, however the hardest part about this set up is the head itself. Adding that head to the glass hookah was a pain in itself. What I recommend is that you make sure those BBQ skewers are handy in case of any imbalance. 


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