In this video we will show you How to Use a Shisha pipe "Hookah pipe" the Right way.
The video will be a step by step tutorial for you guys on how much water to add to your shisha, what's the best way to fill up a hookah head, and where to put your charcoal. I know many of you will hate me for using quick light charcoal, but the truth is that it is the most convenient way to smoke hookah. I love natural charcoal more than anything, but it gets really tiring going back and forth to the oven to light it up and the same thing goes with coconut charcoal. However, you guys will surely enjoy natural charcoal more than anything and even the coconut charcoal. The taste with either of them will be impeccable. I'm only here to show the technicality more than anything on shisha use. So if you ever asked how to make a smooth shisha and how to get a lot of cloud, then this way should be the top. I have smoked since I was young and owned a few shisha businesses and my methods are merely based on experience.

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