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Happy December Shisha Family

Happy December Shisha Family

Happy December to all our Shisha family. We just want to greet and welcome you for becoming and remaining our greatest joy. 2017 came by and it's going to pass soon. When 2018 comes we hope to make actions rather than resolutions. If any of you have a dream, make it become a reality. Persistence is key! Follow us on social media, there is a lot more to come that we would love to share with you. Enjoy your shopping!  


In this video we will show you How to Use a Shisha pipe "Hookah pipe" the Right way.
The video will be a step by step tutorial for you guys on how much water to add to your shisha, what's the best way to fill up a hookah head, and where to put your charcoal. I know many of you will hate me for using quick light charcoal, but the truth is that it is the most convenient way to smoke hookah. I love natural charcoal more than anything, but it gets really tiring...


How to Make the Perfect Hookah Head, How to Setup and Make A Perfect Hookah HD by Shisha&Co

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Traditional Belly Dance & Shisha at Chill Cafe "previous location"

Birthday Party at Our previous location at Chill Cafe

At Chill Cafe on a night not like any other.. Shisha, food, and a Cabaret style dance. It can't get any better.. especially for a birthday party. Come and let us know your events and we will take care of it. It could not get any better! come over let's chillllllllllllllll!